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Two contemporary Christian CDs with 20 written songs by yours truly are now available on  iTunes or Amazon.    

"Thinking Of You" CD  uniquely expresses lyrics about our relationships with friends, family, and God!  

“What If?" CD emphasizes a closer relationship with God and seeking your unique and ultimate purpose in life. 

These songs were produced to inspire you and to give you opportunities to share faith and love with your friends and family too.   Impact the world around you with inspiration and love.  I look forward to hearing how you share these songs with others.  Please email me the results at Marluta@aol.com!!!  Hope to see you at a music event or conference soon. (Refer to this website calendar for upcoming events) 

Please tell your friends about Christian Music Vlog by Marluta (Youtube Channel).  If you sign in the guestbook or join the email list, we can pray for you and let you know exciting updates.  If you have an idea for a music opportunity in which I may assist you, let me know.

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 "Success in life is not how much one can obtain and keep but how much one is willing and able to give to impact their world with love." by Marluta




Marluta: What If?
Marluta: Thinking of You




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